I would love to hear from you, with the following caveats.

Unless you’re (a) a journalist (b) an existing sponsor, (c) offering paying work or (d) correcting an error, kindly donate before making contact, since I receive a tonne of mail and I am no longer in a position to work for free.

You may contact me accordingly using the form below, or by way of Twitter DM (even if I don’t follow you) at @visionzeroca. I don’t do Facebook. You may freely use my 2018 headshots from here and here.

Having gained considerable expertise* in road safety advocacy, I’m eager to parlay this communications experience into public policy and community engagement work. If you’re a planner, engineer, placemaker or community leader looking to partner on funded road safety initiatives … let’s talk!

Yours in solidarity,

Graham Larkin
Executive Director, Vision Zero Canada and Love 30 Canada

* Here’s a kind and unsolicited recommendation on my LinkedIn page, from the man who wrote the book on road safety in Canada: