The Work You’ll Support
The Thanks You’ll Get
How to Donate
Other ways to help


The Work You’ll Support

The support of a small but growing number of sponsors is helping to change the traffic safety conversation in Canada. Within a year of its launch, Vision Zero Canada garnered thousands of Twitter followers and significant national media attention.  Much more can be done with your continuing support. I will continue to inform you about best practices, and I’ll encourage your municipal, provincial and federal officials to invest wisely in safe systems for all road users.

Your founding donation will support the sister campaign for safe speeds. And it will make possible future projects, including a glossary of Vision Zero terms and concepts; innovative partnerships with safe systems experts in many domains; a podcast; and new designs for stickers and magnets.


The Thanks You’ll Get


A donation of $30 will get you  three cool Vision Zero Canada bumper / bike / helmet / bin stickers delivered to your door in two weeks. PLUS a listing on the Sponsors Page with a link to the site of your choice, through December 2017.

$10 extra per order will get you any (or all) specified stickers in magnet form.

When you donate via Paypal I will contact you to confirm receipt, and to inquire about all of your preferences including sponsor page recognition and sticker / magnet choice.

Every additional donation of $10 will get a extra Vision Zero Canada or Love 30 Canada sticker in your choice of design.

So for a $90 donation you’ll get all that PLUS nine bumper stickers, PLUS a name with a link nearer the top of the Sponsors Page.

A donation of $150 or more will get you all that PLUS five more stickers PLUS a banner of your choice on the sponsors page, through December 2017.

A donation of $300 or more will get you 30 stickers and a sidebar banner on every page. Maybe other things too. Let’s talk!


How to Donate

Please click here to donate via PayPal. This is a secure process, and the green padlock in your URL (in most browsers) means that Vision Zero Canada is a fully encrypted site, giving all your information an added level of protection. To send an Interac e-transfer from your bank account, (and to cut out the middleman) please contact me to receive an email address. To donate a book in new or good condition, please choose an item from the VZC Amazon wish list. Donations of more than $30 in any form will qualify you for a link on the sponsors page.

Because Vision Zero Canada devotes more than 10% of activities toward advocacy site we cannot provide tax receipts.

Every little bit helps, so thank you for helping minimize devastating deaths and injuries, preserving the environment, and making our neighbourhoods more livable.

Other ways to help

You can also help Vision Zero Canada by donating your time and skills. Things I would like to do when resources permit are

  • Make a video for a Patreon campaign (with ‘filming’ in or near Ottawa);
  • Make audiocasts, and maybe some videocasts (which most people call podcasts);
  • Replace this site with a site. More than a migration, this will be  rebuilt from the ground up. I’m hoping that will eliminate some bugs such as the mysterious disappearance of page anchors and other code when I go in to edit documents.

The Patreon campaign is priority #1, as it will help pay for the other projects. I’ve gone into considerable debt with this project, so need to find some form of sponsorship in a hurry.

Thanks for anything you can do in any of these arenas.

Yours in solidarity,




Graham Larkin, Executive Director, Vision Zero / Love 30 Canada